Back to school and college

Back to school and college

Back to school and college, making our way slowly and steadily out of lockdown. And hoping that this time, surely, will be the last. My last post advocated one step at a time, and I think this holds true today as schools and colleges once more open their doors to all learners.

Image of young learner returning to school and college for face to face learning
Back to school and college

I’ve been working from home now for a year next week, teaching post graduate trainee teachers online. The current year group have never actually met, and we are still unsure of if they will get to do so before teaching ends after Easter.

I sincerely hope we get to meet them, and that they get to meet each other. They have been very patient and professional all the way through, from our humble zoom beginnings to our more polished online sessions of late.

They are now back in their own colleges and settings, teaching as of today, and I am sure many will be as daunted as their own learners are going to be. This is a daunting time for all who are going back face to face to learn today.

A time for smiles

But it is also a time for smiles. A time to actually meet your students in person, and to start to get to know them better. For me, relationships with learners is key to teaching – at any age or level. With this in mind, I decided to share a poem (Poetry for Lives) from my own school days (long ago though they now are). And how it felt to not see a friend because of circumstances beyond my control. How it felt to have a really good friend that would stand the test of time, and space.

When you read this, please remember the following. I was young. I was a pretty miserable (misunderstood?) teenager with a lot to say. It was the 70s. I will be brave and put the poem out there, you just have to be kind (as Cinderella’s mum would say).

Just for you – dear friend

My friend,
I wish to put into words,
What I feel in my heart.
Words spoken between us have a certain meaning,
But feelings, put down thoughtfully,
In this way, mean more.
The memory is constantly reminded,
Of the bond so strong between us,
Sometimes, maybe a little frayed at the edges,
But always true to the very core of its existence.
And really,
All I want to say is,
For friendship greater than words can inspire.
A deep and understanding one
A close and lasting one,
Please let it remain so.

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