Chilling Encounters: Causley Trust

Thrilled to have had a poem selected for the Causley Trust’s Chilling encounters blog feature this month. The poem tells of a darker period in my life. But is one that will resonate with many, sadly. Read on…

The Causley Trust

There are some really great reads on their web site, and lots of information and resources. More than just Chilling encounters. There’s plenty to get involved with. Well worth a visit (once you’ve read my poem of course!). My other blogs have lighter (brighter?) poetry if you need some.

I’m working on getting more poetry published in places like these. Places like Dirigible Balloon and Northern Gravy as they open up poetry to a much wider audience. And this can only be a good thing.

Joining online groups is also a great way to read the work of others – and get new ideas – and to have your own work constructively critiqued.

Here’s an excerpt from my poem selected for the Causley Trust blog this month. I hope it will tempt you to read more:

‘A Rage (and Fear) of Cancer’

I am RAGE!

And rage is ME.

Blinding, bubbling,

Burning, broiling,


Erupts from me,

like lava from some

vehement, vengeful, violent volcano,

bent on disruption.

Cheerier poetry

People read (and write) poetry for all sorts of reasons. This one was written at a time when I was not in a good place. I’m not there now. I’ve even written some poems for children – more on that later. You can’t be sad when you write for kids. Well, I can’t.

So I’m going to leave you here with a view full of hope – and vice versa. And as my other blogs will testify to, I can write cheerier things. Expressly. Especially. But not exclusively. If /when I write about the sea!

A hope full of view - post chilling encounters
A hope full of view

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