Mind the gap

Mind the gap

Mind the gap is my last post this academic year. It goes out to all who are waiting for results. I’m not so old that I can’t remember what it was like handing in work or taking an exam, and then having to wait anxiously for marks to be finalised.

Such a stressful time. All that waiting. You kind of wanted to hand in/finish the exam and have it marked and back to you that day. Alas, it doesn’t work like that. We have our teacher education board this week and it marks the end of the academic year for me.

Say hello, wave goodbye

And what a year. We finally met our trainees last week to say ‘Hello’ and then ‘Good luck’. So strange not to have met them all year. Except on zoom. And so moving to see them all come into the lecture theatre as a cohort – socially distanced of course. Brilliant to finally see them in person!

Biking for beginners

To mind that gap I can heartily recommend displacement activities such as walking or biking. It helps if your favourite colour is green as there’s such a profusion of shades of emerald. (Read my ‘frosted rubies‘ blog for more on jewels in nature).

I’ve found a new lease of life in an electric bike. It is helping me mind the gap this summer. The hills where I live don’t seem so scary now, and my knees have stopped crying too. A quick shout out here to Elliot at the Toss O’ Coin who kindly gave us water after we had left the house on the bikes without a drink, (for a short ride, honest…) but got carried away…far far away…

Happy holidays

Wishing all a great summer, and happy holidays. I will leave you with these lines from Adrian Mitchell’s poem about moving to a farmhouse in Yorkshire:

Happy holidays and mind the gap... 'Let your soul roll around these horizons,
An unchipped marble with clouds inside
Buzzing around the huge green bowl of meadows.'

Maybe holidaying at home will help us all mind the gap til September!

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